Fit Media's 12-Week Home Workout Plan has been developed to help you get lean and stay lean with routines that you can do at home.

  • Home workouts designed by experts to be highly effective
  • Progress over 12 weeks with intense workout boosters
  • Uses mainly bodyweight exercises – minimal equipment required
  • Get lean and stay lean even if you can’t get to the gym


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Working out at home is a great way to help you get lean and stay lean.

The best part is, workouts at home can be super effective, even if you don’t have a tonne of equipment. With a well-designed plan, bodyweight exercises can provide you with a high intensity workout.

We all run busy lives and have restrictions on our time. Working out at home can give you the ultimate control of when you train. You don’t have to rush to the gym after work before it closes or skip time with your family. You pick a time to train that’s right for you.

What’s more, it can save you time and money too – there’s no monthly membership fee and you don’t get stuck in traffic every time you want to train!


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Our Home Workout Plan gives you all the tools you need to get lean and stay lean, including:

  • A 12-week workout plan with intense progressions throughout
  • Detailed exercise guide with written instructions and videos to follow
  • Tips to help you build a strong mindset
  • Nutrition basics that you can implement from day one


Was $15.00. Now $6.00


At Fit Media, our Official Guide to Aesthetics series of eBooks is created by experts to provide everything you need to achieve your goals.

  • Full 56 page PDF eBook to guide you through our 12-week Home Workout Plan
  • Complete workout structure for each week
  • Detailed exercised guide explaining how to perform each exercise
  • Allows you to train anywhere and at any time
  • Immediate download and ready to read on any device

Join the 1.8 million subscribers who regularly train with us.

Whatever your reason for needing to train at home, our Home Workout Plan can help you get results.

Getting lean doesn’t happen overnight. And staying lean takes real commitment. But if you’re prepared to put in the work, we are confident that this 12-week plan will help you achieve your goals.

Fit Media Channel is YouTube's leading independent fitness channel. With over 1.8 million subscribers and millions of views a month, we know what an aesthetic physique looks like. We also know what it takes to train effectively to maximize your shoulder growth.

Be prepared for some high intensity home workouts with our this 12-week plan.


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Was $15.00. Now $6.00

Frequently Asked Questions

You're getting access to the full 56-page eBook which guides you through a 12-week Home Workout Plan. It contains details about every workout you need to do, every exercise, timing and frequency. There are also detailed explanations about how to do every exercise and videos to watch that demonstrate how you can increase your intensity.
You can view on all devices - your phone, tablet, laptop etc. It's delieverd as a PDF to your email address so you can download it to the device you prefer.
You will instantly get access to a secure link to download the eBook. We'll also email the links to you so you can download them when it's convenient for you.
It’s for anyone who needs to train at home. If you’re a beginner, the exercises are explained in detail so that you know how to perform them correctly. If you already workout regularly, we’ve included videos that show how you can continue to raise the intensity of your workouts.
Almost every exercise requires no equipment at all. However, we have included a couple of exercises that required a resistance band. And we also recommend that you use a padded exercise mat for comfort. But if you don’t have these, don’t worry – you can still get great results with zero equipment.
You’ll start by training three times per week. Over the course of the 12-week plan, this will increase to five times per week. Each workout will take about 45 minutes.


Was $15.00. Now $6.00

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